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Aqua Forest is a iDevice App Available for Download here.

Aqua Forest is A 2D multi-physics based app utilizing Phyzios Engine (Formerly Octave Engine Casual). This game uses Particle-based model which has some resrictions

calculating almost every type of object. not only fluids, but rigid body (duh) Plastic body (Elastic, string, weak) and gas. It has Free mode, which you can draw and experment, Puzzle mode, for offline puzzles for 5 different categories and Online mode, where you can play other people's creations, but you need an internet conection.

If you are looking for the more advanced computer version (aka OE-Cake) wiki, here is the link!

-Ozhav: LOL. Phyzios Studio is out, replacing Aqua Forest. Oh well. Here is their wiki:

Tell The admin I sent you there!

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